So many compliments from parents who accompanied their children

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes of course! We can hold provisional bookings for 3 days.

Mr Marvel and Marvella will handle anything you throw at them – although a  good number is between 10-35 children.

If you need to rearrange the party due to illness we will, of course, work with you to find another date.

If you need to cancel for another reason with less than 30 days to go and we don’t manage to refill the slot then there is a cancellation fee of 50% rising to the total amount if cancelling with less than 48 hours to go.

Being part of a big team means that, if the unexpected happens, we’ve got things covered.

Yes, Mr Marvel and Marvella are insured and all equipment is PAT tested.

It’s not impossible but there are often so many distractions that it’s usually
better to have the party inside. You can always have the food outside!

Marvel Entertainments will be there no later than 15 minutes before the start time.

For a two hour party it is best to feed them after one hour, before the disco. 

The Magical Fun Show is aimed at 3 – 7 year olds although it’s family entertainment so everyone will enjoy it!
The Magical Mega Disco is aimed at 7 and upwards.
The Gameshow Disco is for 8 year olds and upwards! 

Party Tips!

Click or hover over the stars for some great party tips


An essential part of any party! They look great on the wall but not on the floor as popping balloons can be off putting for any younger guests. If this isn’t an option save them until the very end for a fantastic finale!

Background Noise:

If parents would like to stay for a catch up it’s best to provide a separate area for them away from the children. Alternatively, if they wish to stay and watch we’ll happily involve those who want to. Noisy chatting parents can be the biggest distraction for the children and the entertainer throughout any show.

Crisps & Drinks:

Concentration is the key to a great party. Feeding crisps & sweets during the show is a recipe for disaster - not only will it end up being a huge distraction, they also won’t eat any of the food you’ve spent hours preparing.

Outside Parties:

If the party needs to be outside please put away all balls, toys & vehicles and tie up swings and slides.

Party Times:

Mr Marvel and Marvella will aim to arrive no later than 15 minutes before the start of the party. Make sure you invite guests for the duration that we are going to be there. Adding time before or after could be asking for trouble.


If you wish to ring to check if all is OK always ring us a week before to give us time to call you back.

Finding the Party:

If you wish to ring to check if all is OK always ring us a week before to give us time to call you back.

Party Blowers:

Resist handing out blowers during the party - save them until the end. Great for party bags!